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Figure 1, Plan view of Peak airborne magnetics RPT-VD geophysics.JPG

Large strategic land position: 6,718 hectares, 100% owned


Regional NW structure associated with multiple Cu – Au deposits


Excellent infrastructure

Multiple untested targets along important structural setting for

Cu-Au porphyry systems

Mag inversion work has defined priority targets


Soil geochemistry outlines highly anomalous Cu, Ag values

Work program:

•Expanded IP and Mag – completed

•Expanded geochemistry - completed

•Initial drill program - Q2 24

PEAK central website.JPG

Peak Central

PEak pic 1_edited.jpg

Hosts a significant, coincident IP chargeability high and magnetic high/low interface in an area hosting altered and mineralized porphyritic rocks

Surface rock samples returned grades over 2.0% Cu

Rock chip sampling returned 25 metres grading 0.44% Cu

Peak Central – Untested IP Anomaly

IP chargeability high never drill tested

Surface mineralization interpreted to be higher level and peripheral to a larger system to the west

Historic drill logs identify altered (pyrite, epidote, hematite, chlorite) feldspar porphyry with anomalous Cu

PEAK ip line.JPG
Peak North.JPG

Peak North

Soil geochemistry outlines highly anomalous Cu, Ag values

Elevated geochemistry associated with interpreted intrusive related magnetic highs and lows

Area bounded to west by the Pinchi fault an important NW regional structure associated with Cu – Au deposits

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